Who should attend?

All SCANBA courses are crafted to be as effective as possible with regard to your job role. Executives, project leaders, directors, senior managers, and investors involved in data-driven decision-making and analytics will find value at SCANBA.

Our business analytics courses are designed for professionals who work with company data to drive improvements. We target real business problems and seek solutions that can be implemented to deliver return on investment (ROI). If one of the following statements describes your business, you can benefit from SCANBA courses:

  • We want to deliver more value to our customers.
  • We want to acquire more customers.
  • We want our marketing efforts to target ideal customers and to be more effective.
  • We want to effectively use our existing customer data.
  • We want to keep up with our competitors’ analytics practices.
  • We want to boost our company’s ROI.
  • We want to improve our personal communication skills, become more persuasive, and increase communication effectiveness.


To learn more about SCANBA advantages read, Why SCANBA?


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