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Strategic Thinking Skills Certificate

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To receive the certificate, you should answer at least 8 out of 10 questions correctly.

Question 1:

Which action can help you develop a strategic mind-set?

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Question 2:

An accounts manager notices missing figures and data in some of the financial reports she has to approve. The manager isn't sure if this is due to a technical fault with the software used or because of user error and wants to determine what information to analyze. What can the manager do to determine the type of information she needs to analyze?

Your answer to question 2:

Question 3:

What action can help you identify patterns, trends, and relationships in your organization?

Your answer to question 3:

Question 4:

What can you do to use information in a way that supports strategic thinking?

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Question 5:

What statement describes how a SWOT analysis can support strategic thinking?

Your answer to question 5:

Question 6:

What is involved in making effective trade-offs?

Your answer to question 6:

Question 7:

What principle should you follow when assessing alternatives?

Your answer to question 7:

Question 8:

As a manager, you're setting up a new marketing division that will be responsible for promoting a new product. A creative campaign is needed. How can you enhance your thinking by challenging your assumptions?

Your answer to question 8:

Question 9:

Imagine you're a project leader who wants to renew your team's approach to work. How can you help your team view the next project differently?

Your answer to question 9:

Question 10:

You're a marketing manager who's creating a campaign for a new cell phone. The current market is very competitive, you need a fresh, creative hook to sell the product. How can you encourage yourself and your team to think outside the box?

Your answer to question 10:

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