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To receive the certificate, you should answer at least 8 out of 10 questions correctly.

Question 1:

What is market segmentation not for?

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Question 2:

Which kind of a market segmentation technique is the regression-based segmentation?

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Question 3:

What software can be used for conducting cross-tabulation segmentation?

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Question 4:

What coefficient of determination (R squared) is considered acceptable in regression analysis for market research?

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Question 5:

Which segmentation technique can automatically identify segments in the market data?

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Question 6:

Which method is not a clustering technique?

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Question 7:

Is the following statement true or false? 


"Part-worths are the coefficients in the regression equation for the customer preference of the product or service attributes."

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Question 8:

How many levels a product attribute can have?

Your answer to question 8:

Question 9:

How can a market researcher select the number of clusters for the market segmentation?

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Question 10:

Why market researchers need to code data in the conjoint analysis?

Your answer to question 10:

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