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Decision Support Systems

In regard to making decisions, any piece of information is critical. Although decisions are made by humans, machines can add confidence, recommend better options, and manage uncertainty data by applying business analytics methods. SCANBA Decision Support™ systems will turn your decision-making into a rigorous and clear process.

The SCANBA Decision Support™ framework is a method of combining pieces of data and expert knowledge into a practical tool for making decisions. SCANBA experts will create knowledge management systems and document a cognitive map of business decisions. Decision systems then come to life as a software tool in which you can test the impacts of various decisions on your desired outcomes.

Using the SCANBA Decision Support™ framework, our experts will provide you with a powerful tool to deal with uncertainty and to manage vague information. Using the tool, you can run different “what-if” scenarios of your decision outcomes on your laptop in seconds. Each system is personalized to meet your business requirements and to capture decision-process specifics.

If you are interested in implementing SCANBA Decision Support™ systems in your organization, please contact us.

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