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Data Management Audit

Companies often fail to implement business analytics because of poor data management. Ineffective or depreciated data management practices can cause bottlenecks in quality data flow. If a company’s data management system is either flawed or not established at all, then sooner or later the company will be left behind its competitors or will run out of business.

The lack of a well-thought-out approach to creating an environment that will bridge the gap between data and analytics can be daunting. Data are being stored and shared by more users, in more formats, and across more systems than ever before. However, the challenge lies in harvesting the data and turning it into a tool for competitive advantage.

With isolated pockets of data that may or may not be accurate, with no way to integrate data across disparate systems, and with limited access to the data by relevant stakeholders, organizations have a difficult time making efficient, timely decisions.

Modern data management systems supply the high-quality data that is used for business analytics. The data should not contain anomalies, blanks, cross-references, etc., and must be ready for business analytics.

SCANBA Data Management Audit™ is a proprietary method for transforming data management systems into systems ready for knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), a process of extracting businesses’ critical information from the data base.

After the SCANBA Data Management Audit™ you will have the following:

  • A KDD-ready data management system
  • Control of the source data flows
  • Data filtration protocol
  • A database transformed for business analytics methods
  • An interface to corporate predictive analytics tools

Please contact us to discover the opportunities of SCANBA Data Management Audit™ for your organization.

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