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Business Analysis Essential Skills

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: ES-EN-001

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The performance of a business analytics professional depends on an effective blend of technical and other skills. Business analysis discipline is one element of a successful curriculum. Business analysis implies knowledge regarding both the business processes in an organization and the personal relationships. Numerous organizations require business analytics to be technically oriented but differing business practices also affect the importance attributed to each skill. Certain soft skills, such as communication, are considered vital workplace skills in all types of business enterprises because ineffective communication is one of the main factors leading to unsuccessful projects.

SCANBA delivers a proprietary course on business analysis that is carefully balanced with technical methods and required communication skills. The course provides a strong foundation for your skill-building strategy regarding a company’s identified priorities.

You will learn how to:

  • Ask the proper questions
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Apply business negotiation techniques
  • Build and convert mind maps into business process charts
  • Derive solid numbers from vague data and manage uncertainty
  • Formalize business processes with universal modeling language (UML)
  • Design, simulate and optimize business processes

Hands-on training

The business analysis essential skills course is an intense course that includes numerous practice sessions. You will work on examples and be guided through real-world case studies. You will conduct an interview, document, formalize and optimize business processes and practice new communication skills in the class. You will receive immediate feedback that will help you boost your skills to a professional level.

Personalized instruction

When developing new skills or closing a performance gap, it is better to focus on one or two key areas of development at a time. Our trainers will help you to prioritize any gaps in skills and develop your own action plan. You will receive individual, one-on-one coaching and attention from our instructors. Each session is highly personalized to allow instructors to meet the unique needs of every participant. Before the program, you will complete a confidential questionnaire to help identify your communication strengths, goals, and needs that we then use to customize your training session.

Valuable follow-up

Your experience with us does not end at the conclusion of the course. In addition to class materials, you also receive the following:

  • A personalized action plan reflecting the various strategies that you plan to use to close your competence gaps.
  • A set of business analyst templates related to your job role and professional growth needs.
  • An optional follow-up phone session with one of our trainers to help sharpen your strengths and assist you in developing a long-term career plan.

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