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Predictive Analytics for Technical Leaders

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: TL-EN-001

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Predictive analytics is branch of methods in business analytics that is used to predict future events or outcomes from historical data. The techniques used in predictive analytics span far beyond traditional linear extrapolations to include neural networks, decision trees, Bayesian classifiers and other powerful data- mining algorithms.

The predictive analytics for technical leaders program provides a high-level overview of advanced predictive analytics techniques and practice predictive analytics methods using real-world examples.

SCANBA provides an opportunity for technical executives, senior IT managers, business analysts, and leaders who want to develop expertise in advanced forecasting to dive into the world of predictive analytics.

You will learn how to:

  • Distinguish the value of predictive analytics methods
  • Align predictive analytics methods with business tasks
  • Operate using every component of a predictive analytics system
  • Build and apply a real predictive analytic system
  • Scale and implement predictive analytics into your organization
  • Understand the big-data paradigm and how to operate using large data

Deep dive

In just a 2-day program, you will receive a vast amount of knowledge regarding predictive analytics methods in a structured and clear manner. You will learn major predictive analytics methods including neural networks, decision trees, and Bayesian classifiers and understand how to apply the methods to solve business tasks. After completing the SCANBA predictive analytics for technical leaders class, you will be able to comfortably use any predictive analytics tool and will understand how predictive analytics systems operate.

Hands-on training

The program includes an intense practice session in which you will learn how to build, tune, and run a predictive analytics system. In addition, you will learn how to prepare data, how to choose the most appropriate predictive analytics method, and how to work with predictive analytics outcomes. SCANBA trainers will show you how to install a predictive analytics system, how to operate the system, and how the system can be potentially extended and used for your business tasks.

Personalized instruction

You will receive continuous personalized support throughout the program. SCANBA trainers will assist you with predictive analytics software and suggest a methodology that best suits your organization. You will be coached regarding how to create a customized predictive analytics system for solving specific business tasks.


We always support our customers after the classes and ensure that customers have access to class materials. During the class, you will receive personal login credentials that allow access to the support area of the SCANBA website and to training documents.

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