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Decision Support Systems

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: TL-EN-003

Have you ever thought to yourself “if I had known that then I would have decided differently?” What if you know exactly which decisions would help you reach your goal? Each day organizations face tough, complex decisions that involve multiple stakeholders and mountains of data – decisions that often mean success or failure.

Decision support systems are interactive, computer-based systems that assist users in judgment and choice activities. Decision support systems are increasing in popularity in various domains, including consumer goods business, engineering, healthcare, sports, telecommunications, and other industries.

The SCANBA program on decision support systems teaches the concepts of decision-making using business analytics that include developing decision criteria, building rating scales, using sensitivity analysis, and more. The course will help you to build and understand decision support systems, lay out a detailed picture of the reasoning process, and turn your thought process into a specific and measurable business decision support system.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the proper decision support system for your business
  • Structure and manage complex decisions, test “what-if” scenarios, and provide sensitivity analysis
  • Rank and prioritize decisions using an analytic hierarchy process
  • Make decisions using decision networks and build belief diagrams
  • Make decisions given uncertain data using Bayesian inference
  • Access decision-making in competitive markets using the game theory

Hands-on training

SCANBA’s decision support systems program teaches you to build an actual decision support system right in the class. During two days of the training, you will have two extensive practice sessions. You will create an actual decision support system to use after leaving the class. You will learn to make individual decision support systems and team decision support systems and will learn to make decisions amid high uncertainty.


During the course you will learn about the following two types of decision support systems businesses: rank-based systems and decision networks. These two systems will increase your skill set to a professional level. Our trainers use SCANBA proprietary educational methods to deliver the knowledge in a compressed timeframe without overwhelming program participants.

Personalized instruction

SCANBA trainers will provide you with individual support during the SCANBA decision support systems training, which includes practice sessions. During the training, you will receive all necessary help to meet your objectives. You will also receive personal login credentials that provide access to the support area of the SCANBA website, including any supplementary materials for future use.

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