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Business Process Analytics

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: TL-EN-002

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From a pragmatic point of view, a business process describes how something is conducted in an organization. Booming competition in an increasingly global marketplace leaves no room for successful companies to possess internal inefficiencies. The quest for internal efficiency and external effectiveness means that organizations must align their internal activities and resources with external requirements. In other words, business processes must be designed appropriately.

The SCANBA business process analytics program provides business process participants, decision-makers, and related stakeholders with insights concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.

The course is a step above traditional process charts and diagram-based analytics. The program’s emphasis is placed on discrete event simulation, one of the most powerful and flexible tools available for these purposes.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand and differentiate industry standard process-improvement programs
  • Work with basic tools for process design
  • Identify and manage process flaws
  • Model and simulate the business process
  • Re-engineer and optimize the business process
  • Provide benchmarking regarding a business process
  • Access process intelligence and process mining

Hands-on training

SCANBA’s business process analytics program contains numerous practice sessions and examples. You will conduct a detailed study on various business processes ranging from call centers to supply chains. You will actually model and simulate a business process by yourself under the supervision of a SCANBA trainer.

Cutting-edge methods

In the SCANBA program, you will learn the high-end, cutting-edge methods of designing and optimizing business processes for any industry on any scale. You will be introduced to the techniques used in global corporations for discovering, modeling, and controlling the most sophisticated business processes. The tools and methods are explained in a simple language using a SCANBA proprietary educational method. You will be able to apply new knowledge to your organization immediately following the class.

Personalized instruction

During the business process analytics course, you will receive individual support from SCANBA trainers. The trainers will clarify every detail of the material upon your request and provide you with advice regarding how you and your organization can benefit from the new skills learned.

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