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Strategic Business Analytics

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: BM-EN-002

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At a time when companies in many industries offer similar products and use similar technology, the following three factors provide the basis for competition: efficient and effective execution, intelligent decision-making, and the ability to squeeze every last drop of value from business processes.

Core competencies are the areas in which a company excels and that can secure a company’s survival and future growth. To handle internal processes and to understand customers’ present and future needs, a company needs the right people to have the right data and information at the right time.

SCANBA’s strategic business analytics program demonstrates how business analytics must be implemented in a company to enable intelligent decision-making that meets strategic, operational, and market conditions. The program also suggests how to use business analytics for efficient and effective business execution.

You will learn how to:

  • Envision business analytics at the strategic level
  • Build a link between strategy and the deployment of business analytics
  • Use the proper key performance indicators (KPI) for the company’s different functions
  • Differentiate between data, information, knowledge, and operations using data mining
  • Understand the architecture and processes in a data warehouse
  • Identify the best information to use for particular tasks
  • Set up a business intelligence competency center
  • Assess and prioritize business analytics projects
  • Manage large-scale business analytics projects

Packed with new ideas

Come with an open mind to the SCANBA strategic business analytics program. The class material was created with the intent to spur a new way of thinking regarding business analytics. This program provides a framework of strategic thinking regarding how your organization can compete and grow using business analytics rather than a step-by-step guide. You will benefit from thoughtful insights, real-world cases, advice, and best practices concerning how to make your business even more effective.

Case studies

The SCANBA strategic business analytics program uses real-world cases and practices. You will work together with SCANBA trainers to analyze the decisions made in the examples, to learn how to make intelligent, data-driven decisions and to use business analytics to support these decisions.

Personalized instruction

SCANBA trainers work with each participant individually to ensure that specific goals are met. During the course, you can receive a personalized consultation regarding the ways in which business analytics can be implemented in your organization.

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