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Predictive Analytics for Business Managers

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: BM-EN-001

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Predictive analytics is an extension of the understanding gained from business analytics to predict future events or behavior. Predictive analytics uses historical knowledge of the events and business specifics to predict future business outcomes. Marketing trend analyses, sales forecasting, supply and demand projections in logistics, the anticipation of customer needs, and critical business knowledge can be obtained using predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics for business managers is a high-demand SCANBA program that introduces business decision-makers to the value of predictive analytics in their organizations using real-world business case studies.

You will learn how to:

  • Use predictive analytics to help your business
  • Use collected knowledge to gain a vision of the business future
  • Choose the proper predictive analytics technique for your business goal
  • Speak using predictive analytics language and understand terms such as “neural network”, “time series analysis”, “data mining”, and more
  • Implement predictive analytics in your organization
  • Understand the big-data paradigm and how to operate using large data
  • Make data-driven decisions using predictive analytics

Real-World business cases

The predictive analytics for business managers program includes numerous examples of how to apply predictive analytics in industries such as consumer goods, telecommunications, manufacturing, and business services. SCANBA trainers will guide you through business cases to help you understand how the various aspects of predictive analytics can be used in your business. During the program, you will have an opportunity to discuss the cases in groups and with SCANBA trainers to analyze the impacts of predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics vocabulary explained

Although many business professionals have heard predictive analytics terms such as “neural networks”, “time series analysis”, and “data mining”, few are comfortable using this terminology. After the SCANBA predictive analytics for business managers class you will be able to talk to data scientists and data analysts with confidence, understand all the terms, and clearly communicate your tasks and objectives.

Personalized instruction

During the course, SCANBA trainers will work closely with each participant to ensure that the material is well-understood and all questions are answered. You are free to submit your business case to a SCANBA trainer for consultation and guidelines on how to implement predictive analytics in your organization. You will receive personalized assistance regarding information sources and contacts to achieve your business goals with predictive analytics.


We support our customers after their classes conclude and ensure that customers always have access to class materials. During the class, you will receive personal login credentials that provide access to the support area of the SCANBA website and to training documents.

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