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Business Analytics for Marketing

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Code: BM-EN-003

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The field of business analytics for marketing has boomed in importance in recent years, radically changing the way businesses approach marketing investments and campaigns. Hiring managers now require employees in marketing positions to be able to speak the language of analytics and metrics, whereas corporate-level executives increasingly demand ROI accountability from marketing staff. However, it is not a rare case in which marketers do not know how to proceed with analytics and place themselves at a disadvantage with their lack of knowledge.

SCANBA’s business analytics for marketing program is a practical guide to strategic decision models, marketing metrics, and applied business analytics. The course is designed to aid marketers in making intelligent decisions to drive revenue and results in their organizations.

The program is a fundamental resource for marketing managers and executives because of its emphasis on the practical applications of marketing analytics. The course provides more than just an orientation in marketing analytics by helping you understand how business analytics can enable your organization to surpass the competition.

If you manage a marketing team or function and you aspire to quantify and irrefutably demonstrate the value of marketing, the SCANBA business analytics for marketing course provides the blueprint.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your advertising materials
  • Design a targeted advertisement campaign
  • Predict the results of marketing efforts
  • Measure the actual results
  • Report marketing results, emphasizing the outcomes of the efforts
  • Identify your market position against the competition and find a new market niche
  • Develop a pricing strategy using market data
  • Identify early signs of customer retention and prevent it
  • Reveal hidden segmentation in your customer base and update marketing strategies

Topics covered

The SCANBA business analytics for marketing course covers the major aspects of marketing with respect to business analytics. The course topics include market segmentation and targeting, competitive analysis, strategic decision models, business operations, and product and service analytics. You will gain insights regarding the use of forecasting, predictive analytics, and data mining in the context of conjoint analytics, product portfolio analysis, market trends, and pricing strategy.

Case studies

The course is rich with real-world examples and case studies. The technical aspects of the business analytics for marketing program are explained simply and communicated in a form that is accessible for non-technical professionals.

Personalized instruction

Before taking the course, you will receive a questionnaire that includes a list of potential marketing challenges you might be facing. The intent is to enhance the course material with details regarding how the problem that is relevant to your business can be solved. During the course, SCANBA trainers will work with course participants to determine the best approach to a particular real marketing problem.

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