On a corporate-wide basis, we assist with the implementation of business analytics, knowledge and data management, decision support systems, and the presentation and visualization of business analytics results. Clients find that our assistance in business analytics is particularly helpful when their companies introduce new products and services, undertake new initiatives and revise previous ones.

  • Predictive analytics helps your organization to predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. SCANBA offers integration of predictive analytics products from leading vendors that meet the specific needs of different users and the skill levels of beginners to experienced analysts.


    With SCANBA corporate predictive analytics, you can achieve the following goals:


    Uncover unexpected patterns and associations from all data within your organization and develop models to guide front-line interactions.

    Prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful new products, improve operational efficiency, and identify and minimize fraud and risk.

    Perform advanced analytics, data mining, text mining, social media analytics and statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis, and correlation analysis, data collection and online survey research, data modeling and predictive modeling.

    Use customized functionality for different skill levels including visual, menu-driven interfaces for beginners and command syntax interfaces and advanced functionality for more skilled analysts.

    Manage and deploy analytical assets across your organization and deliver optimized decisions to your operational systems and decision makers.

  • Data Management Audit

    Companies often fail to implement business analytics because of poor data management. Ineffective or depreciated data management practices can cause bottlenecks in quality data flow. If a company’s data management system is either flawed or not established at all, then sooner or later the company will be left behind its competitors or will run out of business.


    The lack of a well-thought-out approach to creating an environment that will bridge the gap between data and analytics can be daunting. Data are being stored and shared by more users, in more formats, and across more systems than ever before. However, the challenge lies in harvesting the data and turning it into a tool for competitive advantage.


    With isolated pockets of data that may or may not be accurate, with no way to integrate data across disparate systems, and with limited access to the data by relevant stakeholders, organizations have a difficult time making efficient, timely decisions.

    Modern data management systems supply the high-quality data that is used for business analytics. The data should not contain anomalies, blanks, cross-references, etc., and must be ready for business analytics.


    SCANBA Data Management Audit™ is a proprietary method for transforming data management systems into systems ready for knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), a process of extracting businesses’ critical information from the data base.


    After the SCANBA Data Management Audit™ you will have the following:

    A KDD-ready data management system

    Control of the source data flows

    Data filtration protocol

    A database transformed for business analytics methods

    An interface to corporate predictive analytics tools

  • Business Process Audit

    The business process is the backbone of any organization. An organization cannot effectively function without a robust business process. The business processes in the company must be organized in the best possible way to gain or sustain results in the leadership position. Continuous improvement and the optimization of business processes help drive down operating costs and increase company profitability and competitiveness.



    Consolidations and other major changes have created a host of fragmented processes that drain financial and human resources and diminish your ability to respond to changing market and client demands. To remain competitive, your organization must integrate business processes across product and organizational lines to leverage assets, minimize costs and increase flexibility.



    SCANBA Business Process Audit™ is a proprietary method for improving and optimizing business processes. SCANBA uses advanced business analytics techniques together with computer simulations to analyze and improve every aspect of your business process. SCANBA experts work together with subject matter experts in your organization to document and map your business process, to improve the process using best business practices, and to optimize the parameters to perfection with detailed computer simulations.



    After SCANBA Business Process Audit™ you will obtain the following results:

    A documented business process of your organization with measurable metrics

    Identified bottlenecks and process flows

    Business process redesign recommendations and best industry practices

    An optimized business process with improved performance

    A detailed computer simulation of your business process and scenario testing tools

  • Decision Support Systems

    In regard to making decisions, any piece of information is critical. Although decisions are made by humans, machines can add confidence, recommend better options, and manage uncertainty data by applying business analytics methods. SCANBA Decision Support™ systems will turn your decision-making into a rigorous and clear process.

    The SCANBA Decision Support™ framework is a method of combining pieces of data and expert knowledge into a practical tool for making decisions. SCANBA experts will create knowledge management systems and document a cognitive map of business decisions. Decision systems then come to life as a software tool in which you can test the impacts of various decisions on your desired outcomes.

    Using the SCANBA Decision Support™ framework, our experts will provide you with a powerful tool to deal with uncertainty and to manage vague information. Using the tool, you can run different “what-if” scenarios of your decision outcomes on your laptop in seconds. Each system is personalized to meet your business requirements and to capture decision-process specifics.

  • Data Mining

    Businesses generate data about their customers, their products, and their operations every time a transaction is recorded in a database. These data provide a key competitive asset—something available to your business to which no one else has access. SCANBA Data Mining™ uses this asset to maximum advantage.

    SCANBA Data Mining™ provides a competitive advantage by making better use of data that a business already collects in the normal course of business operations. Data mining is the exploration and analysis of large quantities of data to discover meaningful patterns and rules. SCANBA uses those patterns and rules to inform business decisions and to guide future actions.

    SCANBA Data Mining™ recognizes and respects your company’s unique environment and operates to best suit your needs. SCANBA Data Mining services will assist you in expanding your customer base by analyzing existing data and accurately assessing risk management.

    One key strength of SCANBA Data Mining™ is the breadth of analysis techniques obtained by employing the spectrum of modern algorithms from neural and Bayesian networks to decision trees and support vector machines.

  • Strategic Partnership

    Expertise in business analytics is the result of years of experience and is a valuable asset that is not easy to obtain. Organizations that choose to outsource business analytics operations to SCANBA enjoy guaranteed top-quality results.


    SCANBA provides a wide spectrum of business analytics services on demand to its partners. Our experts can process and analyze your data as a part of your business workflow, generate reports and presentation materials for your organization, and work on-site with your employees to implement changes in your business process.


    SCANBA Strategic Partners enjoy the privilege of receiving high-end business analytics solutions first and access to all SCANBA proprietary business analytics methodologies.





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