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Anti-Crisis Analytics Book

A broad and well-written book is a delight to read!

Practical ideas on business analytics organized into inspirational, deep, yet entertaining book.

By Anti-Crisis Analytics Book



The Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics (SCANBA) is a business analytics consulting company with operations in Northen Europe. SCANBA helps companies and their employees to become significantly more effective and successful by implementing business analytics in their organizations and by increasing employees’ professional skills.

SCANBA provides a broad range of services, including training and certification in business analytics, data management auditing, business process auditing and optimization, predictive analytics implementation, and decision system management. The company also provides executive coaching in business analytics, communication skills and presentation training.

Studying at SCANBA

SCANBA business analytics courses are designed to strengthen your company’s value proposition, to improve decision-making processes, and to provide career enhancement opportunities and preparation for business analytics certification. Courses are conveniently offered at SCANBA facilities, at conference centers in proximity to SCANBA operations, and at customer locations.

Studying at SCANBA will enable participants to gain new skills, meet new people, and interact with SCANBA trainers. Our trainers are gifted speakers and talented professionals with years of industry and educational experience, including certificates in business analytics from IBM, Oracle, and the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Being a member of SCANBA’s alumni network means belonging to a cooperative and adventurous learning community of alumni and business partners who work on important problems and place value on mutual respect, rigorous analysis, and high ethical standards.

Learn more about SCANBA business analytics open courses.

Working with SCANBA

Working with SCANBA means working with a partner. The SCANBA team is a group of dedicated, result- oriented professionals with years of experience in solving business problems. Our goal is to help you succeed in what you are doing by providing full support in the area that we know best – business analytics. Please check the corporate services section of the website or contact us directly.

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