The SCANBA Certificate in Business Analytics provides a formal recognition of your professional development and commitment to continuous learning.


Experimental design application by SCANBA.

Design of Experiments made simple.

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"All SCANBA courses are crafted to be as effective as possible with regard to your job role."

Our Book

"Practical ideas on business analytics organized into inspirational, deep, yet entertaining book."


The Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics (SCANBA) is a business analytics consulting company with operations in Northern Europe. SCANBA helps companies and their employees to become significantly more effective and successful by implementing business analytics in their organizations and by increasing employees’ professional skills.

Strategic Thinking Skills

Steps and techniques that enhance strategic thinking and set up a mind-set for right decisions

SQL for Data Analysis

Learn everything you need to know about SQL and Microsoft SQL Server for successful data science work


The Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics provides business analytics consulting and training services to a wide array of companies from blue-chip multinationals to start-up firms.

At the operational level, we support teams, departments, and divisions through customized business analytics training and business analytics implementation guidance.

Sales Forecasting

Learn practical sales forecasting methods with Excel in 1 hour.

Market Segmentation

Learn how to control market surveys, segment existing customer base, and get new customers.


A SCANBA certification demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of business analytics methods and skills. Earning a SCANBA certificate in business analytics can increase both visibility and access to the industry's most challenging opportunities.

Today's competitive workplace requires more than casual knowledge to succeed. True leaders must demonstrate a mastery of their profession and a commitment to continuous improvement. The Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics empowers working professionals to expand their expertise and advance their careers with its comprehensive programs in business analytics.

All SCANBA courses are crafted to be as effective as possible with regard to your job role.


Executives, project leaders, directors, senior managers, and investors involved in data-driven decision-making and analytics will find value at SCANBA.


Kirsi Nicholson

I am a financial advisor to SCANBA and the online community manager. I like to be less formal when reaching out to people, and I try to stay honest, which is the quality I value most in people I work with. 

Olle Heineken

At SCANBA, I wear two hats. My major function is HR. In my second role, I am responsible for the online education program, which I really enjoy.


Expert Network

Our team members are at the core of what makes SCANBA such a unique and fulfilling place to work. We take pride in the diversity of our staff, with each member contributing their unique skills to the projects we are working on.

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Olga Golubeva

I am an executive assistant at SCANBA with lots of responsibilities. I can't even count it all! I can help with the documentation, admission, and contract paperwork. 


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